2023-2024 Graduate Catalog 
    Jun 20, 2024  
2023-2024 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Athletic Leadership (MS.ATL)

Program Director: Marybeth Lennox-Levins, MA, MBA
Email: Marybeth.Lennox-Levins@VermontState.edu

Program Description

The Master of Science in Athletic Leadership (MS.ATL) prepares students for success in administrative and/or head coaching positions in educational-based athletic organizations through professional and applied studies. Professional positions in high school, university, or private youth athletic departments or organizations require specialized and applied training. 

This 30-credit, fully online, and professional program contains six required athletic leadership Core Courses (18 credits) and allows students to select an additional two courses (6 credits) in electives.  All students must complete a 6-credit culminating experience that consists of an internship or a special project. 

Students may complete the degree in one year or in multiple years. VTSU-Castleton students with an undergraduate major in Sport Management or other majors who meet certain program prerequisites, and who meet selection criteria, may pursue a four plus one (4+1) program that will lead to the MS.ATL. 

Program Outcomes

Within education-based athletic programs, the student will: 

  1. Demonstrate the ability to apply advanced critical thinking skills. 

  2. Develop the ability to think and plan strategically to properly guide athletic programs. 

  3. Understand basic financial and accounting principles utilized. Students will be able to financially plan for both short-term and the long-term needs within athletic organizations and teams. 

  4. Demonstrate an understanding of revenue-generation techniques and principles. 

  5. Have a clear understanding of legal concepts and issues in athletic organizations and develop risk management strategies. 

  6. Understand the applicability of various national compliance regulations and how to apply such regulations in athletic and coaching leadership positions. 

  7. Demonstrate the ability to analyze and discuss current trends facing the industry.