2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Jul 13, 2024  
2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog

Fine Arts (BA)

Program Description 

Vermont State University’s Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts program offers a strong foundation in a variety of artistic disciplines, including drawing, painting, media arts, art history and sculpture. Students are then able to choose to concentrate their studies in either media arts, photography, art history, or continue to study a wide range of mediums in studio arts.  

The program offers a strongly humanistic course of study in the arts that prepares each individual to be professional fine artists. Through creative inquiry, complex problem-solving, organizational skills and diverse methods of expression, students in the BA in Art program will become immersed in a community of innovative artists.  

Through studio experiments, students learn to sharpen their senses of perception. Creating artwork means distilling their observations, ideas, and dreams into a physical form. Along the way, the materials, technologies, and methods students use will challenge them to make complex decisions and come up with original solutions.  

 Program Outcomes 

  1. Conceptualize personal or group vision into creative works of art.  

  1. Use elements of art and principles of design to create visually expressive artwork  

  1. Utilize either a specific or a variety of mediums to present realized artist vision  

  1. Critically analyze artwork by intent and execution  

  1. Develop an effective studio practice and effectively present artwork  

Studio Arts Concentration (BA.ART.STA)

21 credits required

Photography Concentration (BA.ART.PHO)

21 credits required

Art History Concentration (BA.ART.ARH)

18 credits required

Credits Required for Major: 42-45

Graduation Requirements

To obtain a degree, students must fulfill the major-specific requirements as well as satisfy all other Degree Requirements  including the Connections General Education Program Requirements .

Sample Degree Map

Degree Map (Sample) - BA.ART