2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Jul 13, 2024  
2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog

Criminal Justice (BA.CRJ)

Program Description 

Vermont State University’s Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice program allows students to prepare for a range of careers related to criminal justice systems, human services, victim services, or law. For students pursuing a BA in Criminal Justice who wish to focus their study on Restorative Justice or Criminology, classes are tailored for these two areas in concentrations within the criminal justice major. If desired, students can complete both concentrations. If a student chooses one or both concentrations, there is a guided pathway for completion of required program electives. There is no requirement to complete either concentration. For the basic degree, students have the freedom to select their required program electives.

Program Outcomes 

  1. Define and explain the functions and roles of each component of the criminal justice system.  

  1. Identify and describe the various sources of law in U.S. society, explain the differences between criminal and civil law, and identify and explain U.S. Constitutional Amendments most relevant to the criminal justice process. 

  1. Name and summarize the goals and justifications for criminal punishment. Describe how the U.S. government imposes punishment on convicted offenders and explain the differences between institutional and community correctional practices and programs. 

  1. Demonstrate basic research methods including design, data analysis, and interpretation of different official crime indexes. 

  1. Identify and explain the various normative theories of ethics, demonstrate why a commitment to ethics is important in the criminal justice field, and apply that knowledge of ethics to evaluate and resolve dilemmas often faced by criminal justice professionals and policy makers. 

  1. Identify, summarize, and evaluate various criminological theories of crime causation, and determine how well these theories can be adapted to develop programs/strategies to prevent or reduce crime. 

Program Electives (24-26 credits)

Program electives as outlined below are required unless a concentration is completed. For students wishing to complete both concentrations, only one Issues category elective can be counted toward both concentrations.

Criminology Concentration (BA.CRJ.CRM)

27 credits required

Restorative Justice Concentration (BA.CRJ.RST)

22 credits required

Credits Required for Major: 57-59

Graduation Requirements

To obtain a degree, students must fulfill the major-specific requirements as well as satisfy all other Degree Requirements  including the Connections General Education Program Requirements .

Sample Degree Map

Degree Map (Sample) - BA.CRJ