2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
    May 25, 2024  
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog

Music Business and Industry (AS.MBI)

Program Description

Vermont State University's Associate of Science in Music Business and Industry is an innovative program which integrates the studies of music and business. The MBI degree offers three focus areas designed to help students develop and improve knowledge and skills that are essential for a successful career. The interdisciplinary approach aims to provide rich academic and creative experiences to prepare students for a successful and competitive career in the vibrant and rapidly changing music and entertainment industries.   

Program Outcomes

  1. Critically engage with multiple sectors of the music and entertainment industry 

  1. Productively respond to the latest rapid music developments  

  1. Creatively design, produce, and market commercial products based on principles of event management, music production and technology 

  1. Effectively collaborate to achieve project goals while meeting music and entertainment industry standards 

Audio Production Focus

The Audio Production focus helps students acquire skills in music production, audio engineering and mixing, and live sound, as well as audio post-production for film, television, streaming, and video games.

Music Management Focus

The Music Management focus area, which is highly integrated with VTSU’s Business, Accounting, and Management department, provides students with essential training and instruction in the practical, legal, financial, and marketing aspects of the music and entertainment industries. Students explore the concepts and skills needed for a successful career in artist and tour management, music publishing, marketing, distribution, venue management, promotion, and event production.

Credits Required for Program: 34-37


To obtain a degree, students must fulfill the major-specific requirements as well as satisfy all other Degree Requirements  including the General Education Requirements .