2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
    May 25, 2024  
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog

Communications (BA.COM)

Program Description 

Vermont State University’s Bachelor of Arts in Communications program equips students with the analytical, creative, and technological skills necessary for professional opportunities in a wide variety of media and communication-related fields. The programs core is designed to provide students with a balanced and comprehensive understanding of the discipline, which includes a historical and theoretical foundation, sociological and critical analysis of media, and hands-on production skills that apply across communication mediums.   

Students will have extensive opportunities for experiential learning through internships and practicum-based courses, creative and civic engagement projects, and partnerships with community organizations.  There are three areas of concentration; Film Studies and Production, Journalism and New Media, as well as the option to pursue a general Communications degree.   

Minors in Communications, Cinema Studies, Cinema Production, Journalism and Broadcast Journalism round out the program offerings. 

Program Outcomes 

  1. Demonstrate the ability to think critically about media from social, economic, political, ethical and global perspectives and its impact on society.   

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of industry standards, skills and techniques through production of high-quality media in visual, oral and written forms. 

  1. Demonstrate effective use of media and communications skills in a rapidly changing real world environment. 

Communications Concentration (BA.COM)

10 courses or 30 credits required

Credits Required for Program: 51


To obtain a degree, students must fulfill the major-specific requirements as well as satisfy all other Degree Requirements  including the General Education Requirements .